My heart shall always falter.
so let me sleep

I need to make more samples for sketch commissions later

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My first set of adoptables is now up on my adopts account. I don’t know what I’m doing

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My PF8 character, who is Nameless. She’s some sort of Oracle/Priestess type. She rarely speaks, and hates fighting. It’s up to others to give her a name. Hopefully I can finish by tomorrow, so I can submit to pixiv.

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OC Art Meme!!!


Send a number and I’ll draw my OC:

  1. In what they normally wear
  2. In what I’m currently wearing
  3. In a school uniform
  4. In swimwear
  5. In underwear
  6. With no clothes on
  7. In winter clothes
  8. In fancy clothes
  9. Making 3 different expressions
  10. Standing on their hands
  11. With their favorite animal
  12. Hanging out with a friend
  13. Sitting on the couch
  14. Doing something they don’t normally do
  15. Eating
  16. Playing a sport
  17. Beaten up
  18. As a kid/adult
  19. Wearing a funny hat
  20. Sleeping
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We’re both monsters.

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overlord nasurin and tryph's clementine !! 

hi i hope it’s okay if i drew her ;V;

Thank you so much for drawing Clementine!! sobs it’s beautiful!

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Thanks guys!

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Hey everyone! I hope you had a lovely day today, or will have one if Valentine’s day isn’t over yet where you live! (Hope you don’t mind this short personal post)

I just got home from eating at Ramen Daisho and I got something I ordered from storenvy in the mail!

It’s really reflective in person, and I love how the edges catch light!

I’m so happy, I’m slowly building my Kill la Kill collection. You can order your own Scissorblade Necklaces over at dettsu’s storenvy! There’s even a Nui version and a couple set.

Anyway, sorry I couldn’t draw anything special today even if I really wanted to! I was really tired the whole day for some reason, and I found myself sleeping most of the afternoon away. ;;;

Here’s a little doodle to compensate!

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Camera quality is bad

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